Make Money With a Side Hustle in 4 Easy Steps

How one entrepreneur makes $500 to $1,000 every month on the side and how you can, too

Tiffany Verbeck


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If you dream of turning your passion or interest into a money-making machine, you’ll want to hear what Anisha Mehta has to say.

I spoke to her in a recent episode of The Poor Me Podcast and learned that she makes about $500 to $1,000 a month (or more) through her company, Bollyblooms. All while working full-time. And she only devotes a few hours every month. Plus, she gets to teach kids how to dance Bollywood, which is something she loves.

Here’s her best advice.

1. Choose a side hustle you care about

If you pick a project for your side hustle that you don’t love but think might earn cash, you probably won’t stick with it. You have to be willing to put in a lot of hours and to fail over and over again.

Anisha has been working toward her side hustle since 2012. That’s eight years of hard work. If she didn’t love teaching Bollywood dance, she’s pretty sure she would have quit a long time ago.

2. Be flexible with your side hustle, but not with your worth

Initially, Anisha launched both a weekly adult class and a children’s dance class. She was struggling to pin down adults to come to her class every week. But the kids’ class was thriving — and growing. She ditched the adult class and made the class dedicated to kids her priority. Soon enough, she had 10 to 15 (paying) students showing up every week. Plus, many younger siblings joined in when they got old enough.

Best of all? Through word of mouth, she was able to land gigs for birthdays and other events on the weekends, and these paid much better. But first she had to admit what she was worth.

She charged $75 for a 45-minute in-person gig, but soon figured out that people were willing to pay way more. Now, she’s making around $300 for less than an hour of her time.

3. Deal with your imposter syndrome

One thing Anisha struggled with in the beginning was her feelings of being an imposter. She…



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