I lost my biggest client six weeks before my first baby is due. Here’s my plan.

This post is an offshoot of the most recent Fun Work podcast episode on losing a client. For more helpful advice, listen to the full episode here.

If you lost a freelancing client, especially a lucrative one, you might feel a bit hopeless. I’m there with you — my biggest freelance client decided to stop publishing to their blog. They don’t need freelance writers anymore. And it’s six weeks before my first baby is due.

Before we all freak out, let’s think through this logically to figure out a plan of action.

Losing a Freelancing Client: A Scenario

I had planned to come back to this…

According to a Facebook conversation, seeing humanity on “the other side” makes me an outcast

You know how the Internet has a fantastic way of making you feel ashamed and bullied and angry as hell, all at the same time? If you don’t understand this sensation, you have probably never made a comment on a controversial Facebook thread. I should know better, but today I decided to comment. However, one thing might surprise you: The person I’m arguing with is liberal, just like me.

This isn’t a cross-political-divide misunderstanding. It’s a disagreement coming from the same “side.” Also read as: Democrats are not all the same, just like Republicans are not all the same. …

Harness feelings of jealousy to figure out what you want

No one likes to feel jealous of a friend or a family member, or even a stranger on social media. But this jealousy is useful. It can help you figure out what you want to do with your life.

You first need to make a few conscious choices, however.

Here’s how.

What jealousy means under the surface

Jealousy isn’t inherently bad. This is important to understand. Otherwise, you’ll probably feel ashamed or guilty, then have a harder time using your jealous feelings to your advantage. …

No matter how boring your job is, you can include fulfilling work in your day-to-day

Your nine-to-five is dreadful — as in, going into the office actively fills you with dread. Or you’re at a dead-end job that you know won’t go where you want to go. Or you’re so overworked that you feel like you have no time for fun anymore.

I have been there. In every one of these situations. You’re like me, and you have a desperate need for creativity and joy in your work life. And guess what? Even after I launched a freelance writing business, I still felt much of this.

The good news is that you don’t have to…

How one entrepreneur makes $500 to $1,000 every month on the side and how you can, too

If you dream of turning your passion or interest into a money-making machine, you’ll want to hear what Anisha Mehta has to say.

I spoke to her in a recent episode of The Poor Me Podcast and learned that she makes about $500 to $1,000 a month (or more) through her company, Bollyblooms. All while working full-time. And she only devotes a few hours every month. Plus, she gets to teach kids how to dance Bollywood, which is something she loves.

Here’s her best advice.

1. Choose a side hustle you care about

If you pick a project for your side hustle that you don’t love but think…

My experience on a diversity task force taught me a few troubling things

A few years ago, I worked in an office job as part of a Diversity Task Force. The president called us together to come up with solutions for how to add diversity in the workplace. I was thrilled about it, and to be included.

But during one of the meetings, I realized something: The managers in the room were thinking of diversity as a favor to future employees. A handout. Something we should do out of the goodness of our hearts.

No one thought of it as a massive loss we were taking as an institution. …

Also, the President’s.

I got a call from my Indiana-based mom to my cell earlier this week. During the conversation, she asked me if I had heard what was happening in Seattle.

“No. What’s happening?” I asked.

“The Antifa locked down several blocks and are holding it captive. They’re carrying around huge rifles.” She went on to say that the protesters say they aren’t part of the U.S. anymore, that they are their own country, and are checking anyone’s ID who comes in and out.

Also, they were giving away free food to anyone who needed it. …

There’s more to feel than optimism right now

This piece was taken from my an episode of my new podcast on feelings about money, The Poor Me Podcast. If you would prefer to listen, go here.

Essential workers have the right to be pissed off right now. But it feels like the larger culture doesn’t want to be angry. We want to be hopeful, we want to be optimistic — all of which are good things — but we need to also allow our full spectrum of feelings. We’re human, after all. It’s OK to be frustrated, to be scared, to have negative feelings.

Especially about going to…

Emotions around money are about to get intense again. But you can confront them.

The last time we were collectively so stressed about money was in 2008. It’s about to get hard again. The coronavirus has created tsunamis in the world’s financial markets.

In general, money is an emotional thing. Whether you have cash or not, it can cause emotions to rage. If you have a lot of money, you might worry about putting it in the right pockets. If you don’t have enough of it, you might stress over how to pay for what you need. But it’s not only the amount of money you have that causes issues. …

Even with the COVID-19 suspension, you should keep making payments if you can

I’m here to share some good news: the government decided to suspend payments and interest on all your federal student loans until September 30, 2020 because of COVID-19. This means you don’t have to make payments on your student loans until the end of September. Plus, they won’t gain interest. Ready to buy a case of wine for a (digital) party because you don’t have to pay your student loans? I’m here to caution you against it.

For many, this freeze on payments is necessary. You might be struggling to pay for food. But if you are able, right now…

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Tiffany Verbeck uses her awesome storytelling skills gained from a master’s degree to write on personal finance, lifestyle, and creativity: tiffanyverbeck.com.

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